At Carpet Cleaning Direct Wembley we believe in the right way of doing business. In light of this we like to keep things between our customers and ourselves fair and square. We manage to do this by adhering to clear cut, fair (in our opinion) set of terms and conditions applicable to all services offered, and to all customers served, unless otherwise stated and agreed.

We understand and appreciate the fact that no one can really be bothered to read through all the fine print when purchasing a service or product but please take the time and effort to go through the terms and conditions listed on this page in order to avoid potential confusion, conflict and disappointment. The terms and conditions found on this page are the rules or framework which regulates the contractual/business relationship between clients and us as a service provider – we strongly advise clients to get familiar with these regulations before committing to do business with us. If by any chance you are unclear about some of the terms and conditions found here, please let us know and we will do our best to explain and clarify why and how we do things. We thank you for your consideration.