We know how important the value for money is. No matter how basic or complex your cleaning is, it makes perfect sense to get the most bang for your hard earned cash, and we respect that. With us, you not only get some of the most affordable pricing around but also excellent value for money in the form of special deals and discounts. Generally, preferential pricing is available to all customers, and applicable to all service in store, however, please speak to our consultants for details on service prices and applicable terms.

Our special deals though are subject to change as we run different specials at different times of the week, month or year. Some special deals are permanent fixtures. Regardless, if you see something you like be sure to grab it right away and take advantage of a great price, and excellent value for money. Our special deals (those which we are running at the moment) are all listed on our website and open to all private and business customers across Wembley. Please be advised though that certain terms and conditions apply when purchasing one or more of our special deals, these are usually listed at the bottom of the Deals page of our website. If you are unclear about the applicable terms or simply wish for more information on what is what by all means let us know and our attentive customer consultants will be happy to advise you. Keep an eye out for our seasonal specials where you can save even more money on an already low price – summer, spring, autumn or winter and the holidays, we always have a great deal on a service you require. With Carpet Cleaning Direct Wembley you always get a great service at a great price – we leave you with money to spare and a smile.