Dear Customers,

Carpet Cleaning Direct Wembley is a fully licensed, registered and insured service provider with years of experience in the professional cleaning industry. In terms of reputation and reliability, we believe to be an established and trustworthy business able to meet our customers’ needs in the most professional and affordable fashion. The way we do business is transparent and straightforward – we like to see our customers coming back for more, not changing cleaners so we do all we can to provide the best possible service at the best possible price. The usual hit and run approach (unfortunately) adopted by many of our competitors out there is something we find very unprofessional, so we stay well clear of such practices. With us private and business customers don’t have to worry about being overcharged or receiving substandard service, on the contrary – we strive to excel each time, no matter how basic or elaborate the job at hand – fair pricing and professionalism both come as standard.

From day one we have focused our effort and attention on providing customers with exceptional quality cleaning which is worth their time and money – in our opinion we have been able to do just that, through dedication, punctuality, and professionalism on all levels of our work. The cleaning staff we employ is qualified, experienced and vetted because we are well aware that we are only as good as the people we have working for us. Another of our main aims is to provide clients with streamlined, no fuss solutions and a service/booking process which can be sorted out with a single phone call or email – another box ticked. Adequate customer care is also right up there with other factors we see as crucial to our success. How we are perceived by the wider public is to a large extent based on the way we treat our clients so every effort is made to provide attentive, friendly and helpful customer care service in each and every instance. We look forward to working together with our existing customers, and we also like to extend our excellent range of services to new clients who are looking for reliable and affordable cleaners who have all the necessary skills and expertise for a great job. Carpet Cleaning Direct Wembley will make you a part of a better service experience in every sense of the word, that’s a promise.

With respect,

Your local cleaning professionals.